What Is Kobold Fight Club: Balanced Encounters on the Fly

I constantly search for new approaches that I can spend less time doing tedious book maintaining and consciousness on the story or interesting encounters. One device that has helped me do just this is Kobold Fight Club.

What Is Kobold Fight Club

Kobold Fight Club is an encounter builder. An come upon builder is a tool that aids the DM in growing an stumble upon. What that means is that it’s miles a device that has capabilities that help the DM pick out monsters which might be as it should be balanced for his or her party. There are plenty of stumble upon developers on line, but Kobold Fight Club is my preferred due to all the extra gear and data that the device gives you.

Group Info

The first vicinity we’ll investigate is the Group Info phase of Kobold Fight Club. On the left-hand facet we are able to use the drop down menus to enter how many gamers we’ve got inside the birthday celebration and what their stages are. Personally I like to keep my players at the same stage, however in case your institution does no longer do this you can add extra participant ranges and enter the correct wide variety of gamers into each category. This is critical data for the device as it will want this statistics to output an come upon later.

Add players and their levels to Kobold FIght Club

On the right facet of this section are the encouraged enjoy totals for every of the difficulty degrees of encounters. In 5e, there are 4 issue levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Deadly. Kobold Fight Club will replace those experience totals as you change the quantity and tiers of gamers. Before we move on to the subsequent segment of the device, have a problem in mind for the come upon you are presently designing.

Here’s a cheat sheet for what each come upon issue approach:

  • Easy – Minimal threat of harm. No chance of death.
  • Medium -Potentially risky. Tiny risk of loss of life, but the birthday celebration will take some harm.
  • Hard – Dangerous. The birthday celebration will take damage and deplete sources. There is a real threat of dying.
  • Deadly – Extremely hard. Risk of at least 1 loss of life or even a complete celebration kill (TPK).

Pages eighty two-eighty four of the Dungeon Master’s Guide goes into considerably greater detail should you need to examine more about encounters. I will probable be writing a submit on the subject inside the future as well.


Now which you have the come upon’s difficulty in thoughts and the celebration’s degrees and players enter we will preserve with building the encounter. You may additionally already have a concept for the placing of the stumble upon, or you recognize what kind of creatures you’ll want to apply. You may additionally have decided which you’d like this to have 1 or 2 high CR mobs or quite a few little mobs. Maybe you most effective have the Monster Manual handy and handiest want to use creatures in that.

The fantastic information I actually have for you is that you can use Kobold Fight Club’s filters to set any of those parameters that I’ve stated. The different wonderful information is that in case you don’t have any idea what you’d like to throw at the celebration, these filters are completely non-compulsory! Let’s take a deeper check out what every of the filter out options are.

Search Bar

In the search bar you may search for specific creatures or key phrases such as “gnolls” or “goblins”. This will clear out the creatures so that the to be had creatures fit the key phrases you entered into the hunt bar.


Sort via the dimensions of the creatures you desire to place inside the come upon. Only one length can be selected.


Choose the form of creatures to include within the encounter. Only one type may be decided on.

Min CR/Max CR

Choose the minimum and/or most Challenge Rating for the creatures.


Choose the alignment of the creatures to include inside the encounter.


Choose the surroundings that the come upon will take region in. Only creatures clearly discovered on this environment could be included inside the listing.

Set Sources

Choose which official books or homebrews to indicate creatures from.

Reset Filters

Set the filters to their default selection.

Adding Monsters

Once you have decided on the filters you desire Kobold Fight Club will curate the list of to be had creatures that suit your standards. From right here you could decide to both randomly generate an encounter or select creatures from the listing. We’ll go over both techniques as they’ll both serve a purpose for most DMs.

Manually Add

Simply click on the inexperienced “+” button to add a creature to the encounter. This will upload a duplicate of the creature to the Encounter Info segment of Kobold Fight Club. You can preserve to add special creatures if you so choose. You also can use the “+” and “-” buttons next to the creatures to add or subtract more/less of that unique creature inside the encounter.
Click the “+” button to feature a particular creature.

You’ll word in the screenshot that the one of a kind vampires inside the list all have distinct coloration codes. This is to indicate how difficult the CR of the creature is in assessment to the celebration you have got input into Kobold Fight Club. White is the least hard whilst purple is the best issue. The problems among are on a scale of cool colorations (blues, greens, purples) to heat colorings (yellows, oranges, reds). The hotter the coloration, the greater difficult the creature is for the birthday celebration. This allows to offer a visible of the stumble upon’s difficulty for whilst you are manually adding creatures in your stumble upon.

Random Encounter

You can randomly generate encounters from the curated list we created in the preceding step. This is extremely easy to do. Simply decide what problem come upon you want to create and then click on the drop down menu within the Encounter Info segment. Once your encounter is selected, press the button. You can continue to press the button ought to you want to view one-of-a-kind mixtures of encounters out of your list.

This come across can be completely balanced for whatever issue you selected and prepared a good way to use right away. This may be very reachable need to you wish to drop a random come upon on the party as they travel to their destination, but don’t want to address random come upon tables.

Encounter Info

In the Encounter Info phase, you’ll put any finishing touches in your encounter. Add or subtract creatures, reroll the stumble upon, and report the exp you’ll praise the birthday celebration with in the event that they entire the stumble upon here.

This phase gives you all of the records at the creatures you chose in a well-formatted bundle. You have the call of the creature, CR, XP fee, the e-book it’s observed in, and the page of the e-book it’s far in. This is extremely useful specially for random encounters as it saves you time having to appearance up the creature’s call in the appendix of the book, or rifling thru various homebrew PDFs for your documents to discover the best one.

Make modifications in your come across right here and keep it for later.

The enjoy reward may be determined at the bottom of the phase. Total XP is the bottom revel in of the monsters blanketed. Adjusted XP is the revel in of the come across with appreciate to the variety of enemies. You’ll award the Total XP to the players in the event that they whole your come across.

You can hit the “save” button to save the encounter for later use in Kobold Fight Club. There is a Manage Encounter section of the internet site that shops all of your stored encounters. You can revisit these each time you want.

Once you’re prepared to create a new stumble upon, press the “New” button. The Encounter Info phase will then be cleared. Your filters will nevertheless be intact so that you can quick create any other come across of the identical subject!


Kobold Fight Club is by using some distance my maximum-used tool in D&D 5e. I use it constantly for making sure that encounters are well balanced, and finding new monsters to throw on the birthday party. I have a tendency to paste to the Monster Manual or Volo’s Guide as I very own bodily copies of each of those. Because of this, it adds a whole lot of range to my video games as I actually have many books and random PDFs that I don’t continually assume to leaf through.

My party of five gamers meets every week and no longer every person can constantly make it. This can be demanding as I design the encounters in mind for 5 players, but real existence can show up and we’ll be running a game with handiest 4 a few weeks. Being capable of throw all of the encounters on Kobold Fight Club quick before the sport and readjusting the encounters to their right 4 person celebration trouble has been an absolute blessing. I used to need to pick among either tweaking on the fly or punish my gamers through forcing them to combat drastically more difficult encounters.

One piece of advice I’ll give for the usage of Kobold Fight Club is that you’ll want to pay attention to how easy every of the stumble upon problems is to your birthday celebration. If your celebration has numerous magical gadgets like mine does you need to atone for that. For instance, my birthday celebration must be capable of do 6 medium encounters. Instead, I’ll throw 6 difficult encounters at the lower give up of hard exp threshold at them. You’ll recognize what your group can deal with so consider your gut.

If you loved what you examine be sure to test out my ongoing review for all the reputable D&D 5e books!

How To Use Kobold Fight Club

5e Kobold is fairly violent however concurrently susceptible too. It is the primary cause they do not see to modify animals which might be harder or effective as compared to them. There isn’t any denying the fact that the Kobold 5e is exceptionally talented as well and understand how to cope up with the occasions. It is why they could face even the toughest difficulties and attain their sufferer. They are most interested in mining, or you could additionally say automatic devices that notice them the most.

The kobolds have a variety of strategies, but their important awareness is to damage others, and that is what makes them satisfied. They will not hit everybody but will seize them to catch them as much as possible. D&D kobold fight membership 5e is often fired as weak, silly, and vulnerable. Nevertheless, those small reptile creatures have a strong social shape that emphasizes devotion to the community, are clever with their fingers, and cruelly work together to weigh down their bodily restrictions.

What is D&d 5e Kobold Fight Club?

D&D Kobold Fight Club is a website designed to assist fifth Edition, DMs create suitable encounters for his or her celebration and provide them with a hint of ways awkward the combat might be. Just pad in your party’s level, how many performers you’ve got, and start trying to find a few giants. You can also produce a casual come upon, a good way to make a relatively appropriate informal come upon for your celebration. The name maker will provide you with ten random names ideal for the kobolds part of the Kobold Fight Club Pathfinder advent.

Kobold Fight Club 5e is a famous encounter author and leader for the tabletop RPG, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Dungeon Masters specially use it as an apparatus to permit flatter and more balanced fight. With the approval of its fashion designer, Ian Toltz, this challenge is the Android app for Kobold Fight Club. For example, in case you best need woodland creatures, it’ll also take note of your filter, while making your informal come across.

Once you have got constructed a 5e Kobold Fight Club come across, save it for future use (makes use of nearby browser storage, so it only has get admission to to that browser, unfortunately). You can then run that meeting towards your party and hold a watch at the initiative and HP. The design completely changed into recreated so that it was easy to read and clean to try. I attempted to pay attention on cleaning up the interface to lower noise and exclude data suitably. It runs on smartphones! As a part of the restructure, the website is open and works routinely on small displays.

Now that you have the hassle of the come across and the level of the celebration and the participant’s input, we can hold to construct the fight. You may additionally have already got an choice for the setting of the stumble upon, otherwise you recognize what form of mortals you need to use. You can also have decided which you need 1 or 2 high CR mobs or a tiny crowd. Maybe you handiest have the Monstrous Manual accessible and most effective desire to apply mortals in it.

Kobold Fight Club Adjusted XP

Total XP is the precise amount of XP to award for defeating the come upon. 5e Kobold Fight Club Adjusted XP gives you with a touch of how hard the war could be, accounting for the multiplier impact of comprising numerous monsters. Keep in mind that CR is an incomplete association, and the real stage of venture will range based for your group. Adjusted XP is a team length multiplier of overall XP instances.

It is what the scheme makes use of to control hassle. The maximum first-rate number is the raw XP number, so 4 sprites are 200 on every 50 XP. The lowest amount is the Adjusted XP Kobold Fight Club. An quantity based totally on a multiplier table determined round page 84 of the Dungeon Master Playbook. It isn’t a comparable battle. Four goblins must move one at a time in place of one after the other. Kobold Fight Club debts for that with the Familiar XP.

How to Use the Kobold Fight Club?

With the software, you could: make encounters with the aid of adding beasts from a listing, easy it through the list of animals by using call or CR, and make your birthday celebration via including your gamers. Once you’ve got selected the filters, you need the D&D Kobold Fight Club to check the list of available mortals that suitable your standards. From here, you can choose to both casually make an come upon or select animals from the listing. We will visit both techniques because they both serve a cause for most DMs.

Manually Add

Tick the green “+” button to feature a mortal to the encounter. It will upload a duplicate of the animal inside the Encounter Information phase of Kobold Fight Club. You can add various animals in case you are decided on. You can also use the “+” and “-“ tabs subsequent to the beasts to add or minus greater/much less of that precise animal in the come across. White is the lightest tough, at the same time as crimson is the most big vital issue.

Random Encounter

You can casually produce encounters from the curated list we generated in the earlier step. It is effortless to do. Choose what trouble you need to face after which hit at the drop-down menu in the Encounter Information Part. Once your assembly is picked, hit the button. The come upon will stability you perfectly for any trouble you select and prepare you to use immediately.

Encounter Info

In the section of Encounter Information, you may vicinity any concluding touches in your come upon. Adding or subtracting creatures, preventing battles again, and document the enjoy you’ll praise the birthday celebration with in the event that they end the fight here. It is valuable in particular for casual encounters as it saves you time to appearance up the animal’s name within the e-book’s addition, or scouring thru one-of-a-kind Homebrew PDFs for your folders to look the right one. You can press the “store” button to keep the encounter for destiny use in Kobold Fight Club.